THH Helmets - Specializes in designing high-quality helmets

Heng-Da Racing was set up in 2014 and is a Taiwanese-claimed organization situated in Tainan, Taiwan. Our processing plant spends significant time in the exploration, advancement, and generation of security head protectors. Becoming out of the privately-owned company of (Tong Ho Hsing/THH Motorcycle Helmets), Heng Da Racing has obtained over forty years of experience to aid the change of the organization and its security items.

The organization's devotion to the most noteworthy quality norms has prompted the granting of ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. This accomplishment couldn't have been accomplished without the strict control of cutting edge producing offices and is a demonstration of the abnormal state of interest in the organization. There are no different organizations in Taiwan which can meet these criteria nor coordinate the quality and commitment of Heng Da Racing.

The advancement of new items utilizes the most recent 3D programming and investigation apparatuses to guarantee that we are creating items which surpass the necessities of both our clients and universal benchmarks. Our items are then produced to the most astounding global quality guidelines, guaranteeing predictable quality after some time. When fabricated, the items are thoroughly tried to surpass the universal guidelines, including however not constrained to AS, DOT, ECE, JS, NBR, SNELL, CE and CPSC. 

The assorted variety of our business sectors in Europe, the United States, Australia, Japan, and Latin America enables us to remain at the front line, all things considered, codes, affirmations, materials, and styles. These elements have compensated us with faithful clients and a reliably developing offer of the worldwide cap showcase for over four decades. Our long haul designs and ventures ensure that we will be an innovator in creating and changing the time of security head protectors for quite a long time to come.